Trees near power lines
Vegetation Management


EDP ​​Distribuição regularly inspects the power grid, ensuring its safety and correct maintenance, replacing, when necessary, the owners of the land where the lines are located, who are responsible for ensuring that the vegetation does not interfere with the proper functioning of the power grid.

Whenever EDP Distribuição becomes aware of a case of this nature, it sends to the site a team that assesses the situation and proceeds to the intervention if there is imminent risk in the area identified to guarantee the safety of the populations and the quality of the electric power supply.

Help us identify tree near power lines risk situations.

If you check any situation where a tree is near a power line please let us know if there’s a risk that you’re aware of.

Install our app and leave your alert by accessing "Tree near power line" and describe what you see and/or attach up to three pictures.


Preservar a Natureza

Manter a Energia

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Dossier Temático

Gestão da Vegetação

Enquanto operadora da rede de distribuição, a EDP Distribuição está presente em todo o território continental, gerindo uma rede elétrica aérea com 179 mil quilómetros de extensão, 28 mil dos quais instalados em espaços florestais.

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