Air and Noise

In EDP Distribuição activities, emissions or release of Greenhouse Gases (GHG) are mainly associated with:

  • Failures or leaks of sulfur hexafluoride gas (SF6), used as a dielectric in electrical equipment;
  • Use of fossil fuels in the vehicle fleet;
  • Power losses in the distribution grid; and,
  • Electricity consumption in administrative and technical buildings.


With a view to minimizing these emissions, we have implemented a number of good practices, including:

  • Wherever possible, we seek to give priority to the selection of equipment that does not contain fluorinated gases or other substances that are dangerous to the environment;
  • We ensure equipment containing fluorinated gases (air conditioning, fixed fire protection systems, and switches containing SF6) is correctly maintained, repaired and leak detected, at the intervals defined in the applicable legislation in force;
  • We install power plants based on renewable generation technologies, intended solely for self-consumption in the buildings themselves, enabling a reduction in energy dependence and we issue energy certificates for our buildings;
  • We are committed to the gradual electrification of our fleet of light vehicles by replacing vehicles powered by internal combustion engines with electric vehicles.