Environmental management

The assets forming the electricity grid on national territory interact with the physical and human environment. This can create environmental impacts or effects that must be managed and controlled.

EDP Distribuição's commitment to environmental protection, obligations arising from legislation or other requirements of stakeholders, promotion of environmental training and awareness, and continuous improvement is set out in its Environmental Policy.

It is in this sense that EDP Distribuição has been implementing a set of good environmental practices that have helped ensure its environmental impact is reduced and the company's environmental performance improved. To this end, EDP Distribuição has implemented and certified an Environmental Management System (EMS).

The EMS implemented in EDP Distribuição has proved to appropriate to the specific environmental aspects of the organization, and it is noted that the activities and installations included in the scope are environmentally controlled and in compliance with the applicable regulatory standards and the established Environmental Policy.

Environmental Policy

Find out about EDP Distribuição Environmental Policy

We are committed to protecting the environment and have therefore implemented a set of good environmental practices.