social investment
We invest in you


It is important that EDP Distribuição consolidates the social right to operate by reducing business risk through dialogue and interaction with its stakeholders.

In exercising our social responsibility, we are dealing with our stakeholders and society in general in accordance with the principles of the Code of Ethics and, in particular, the Social Investment Policy established by the EDP Group.

EDP Distribuição’s Social Investment Plan is defined in response to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) and are in line with Objective 2020: ‘Continuously investing in local socio-economic development projects’ to ensure an effective contribution to the integrated development of communities where we operate, in particular in the social, cultural, artistic and environmental fields.

The main aim of EDP Distribuição's 2019 Social Investment programs and activities is to:

• Promote access to culture and art and preserve cultural heritage;

• Promote social inclusion by enhancing energy inclusion and access to energy;

• Protect the natural heritage and biodiversity;

• Promote energy efficiency.


Plano de Investimento Social

Agora que já conhece os objetivos do nosso Plano de Investimento Social, saiba mais sobre os programas que temos desenvolvido de forma a alcançar esses objetivos.