We are committed to sustainability

EDP Distribuição wants to continue growing through a business model aligned with the challenge of sustainability. 

To this end, we have defined a sustainability strategy for 2020 and made an effective contribution toward meeting the sustainable development objectives approved by the United Nations (UN). 

Sustainability Strategy 2020

The large and varied challenges we face require the establishment of a real sustainable development strategy. These are the pillars of our work.

ODS - Objectivos de Desenvolvimento Sustentável aplicados à EDP Distribuição

ODS - Objectivos de Desenvolvimento Sustentável aplicados à EDP Distribuição


Create economic value

- Invest €80 000 000 in Research, Development and Innovation (RD&I) projects by 2020;
- Reach 80% smart meter penetration in Portugal by 2023;
- Provide energy efficiency services to reduce consumption to 105 GWh by 2020.

Managing climactic and environmental issues

- Managing climactic and environmental issues;
- Promote energy efficiency and a reduction in CO2 emissions.

Investing in our people

- Keep the employee engagement level above 75% by 2020;
- Promote greater diversity (up to 14%) and maintain the presence of people with disabilities at 2%;;
- Implement Prevention and Security (P&S) certification and reduce accidents.

Improve trust

- Continuously promote improved customer satisfaction;
- Implement the stakeholder management methodology, both internally and externally;
- Develop volunteering, to reach 11% of staff and more than two thousand hours per year;
- Invest continuously in local socio-economic development projects.