Our relationship with suppliers is important to us. Trust, transparency and cooperation are key pillars of this partnership, which always aims to provide a quality service to citizens.

The accreditation of suppliers is a process by which a list of suppliers entitled to supply a particular category of goods or services is defined. To this end, objective, transparent, quantitative, and qualitative criteria of a technical, environmental, economic, and financial nature or of a specific nature is applied.

The Accreditation Program is a document that defines the following: 


  • The purpose and duration of the Accreditation System; 
  • Forms of communication, addresses and contacts;
  • Impediments; 
  • Legal association status of those interested in accreditation;
  • Requirement for subcontracting;
  • Mandatory minimum requirements; 
  • Specific requirements of the Accreditation Program; 
  • Criterion for selection of suppliers for proposals;
  • Accreditation maintenance criteria.

The examination of applications for accreditation is carried out in two ways: supplier type-approval and supply type-approval.


Qualified suppliers list


Qualification Systems

Supplier qualification is a process by which EDP establishes a list of qualified suppliers to supply a particular category of goods or services. In order to achieve this, a number of objective and transparent criteria are applied, of a quantitative and qualitative nature, be their technical, environmental, economic and financial, or of any other specific kind.
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