About the sector
How power gets to the customer

The suppliers use the transmission grid and the distribution grid, the latter operated by EDP Distribuição, in order to bring the electricity from the production centres to their customers.

The distribution grid has been strengthened and modernised in order to respond to new demands, such as demographic growth and the consequent evolution of consumption. It consists of high, medium and low voltage underground cables and overhead lines, always ensuring the necessary quality levels and minimising grid losses.

Substations, together with other equipment such as drilling and processing stations and public lighting facilities, are also key grid infrastructures.


Electricity measurement

EDP Distribuição plays a key role in measuring electricity by reading the metering equipment at customers’ installations connected to its grids. 

After the collection and processing of consumption data, EDP Distribuição draws up the consumption pattern of each customer, making this data available to market agents.

Distribution grids

Characterisation of distribution grids

EDP Distribuição makes available technical information that enables market agents and other stakeholders to know the characteristics of its grids as at 31 December 2017.

High voltage

High voltage distribution grid

Learn about grid characteristics and all substations in detail.

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Distribution Grid Development and Investment Plan 2017-2021

EDP Distribuição makes available a Distribution Grid Development and Investment Plan (PDIR E-2016) which takes into account the investment needs to ensure adequate levels of energy supply security and the fulfilment of energy policy targets.

Plano de Desenvolvimento e Investimento da Rede de Distribuição