New metering equipment
Energy Box

The new metering equipment connects the Portuguese houses to the smart grid. The Energy Box is a household energy manager that does much more than metering energy, being endowed with technology that supports the supply of electricity services, namely, in remote communication.

EDP Distribuição now has a two-way communication channel with the consumer - an intelligent power management device that will gradually replace the current meters. With this equipment, EDP Distribuição will remotely perform all operations, such as meter readings, power changes, rates settings, power on and off. This equipment also promotes the active participation of the consumer in the management of its consumption, providing information that translates into energy efficiency and lower cost.


With the remote management, the consumer can:

  • to better understand consumption pattern, which will allow to correct less efficient habits and, consequently, reduce electricity bill;
  • know the hours of the day that consumption is high and those where electricity can be used at a more favorable rate, and will be able to program appliances to work in specific periods;
  • remotely activate services such as rates and power changes contracted and know that EDP Distribuição detects electrical breakdowns in the power supply automatically.


In addition, your energy retailer may offer services and pricing plans tailored to your profile and consumption needs, as well as access to an integrated home automation solution to interact with multiple consumer appliances.



Energy Box - An intelligent box


For customers

The new equipment comes to replace the current meter, bringing numerous advantages, since they allow access to detailed information about consumption. Thus, the consumer can know the hours of the day he consumes most and those where he can use electricity at a more favorable rate.

This information will allow the electric energy bill to be based on actual consumption, collected automatically and with monthly periodicity.

For his own comfort, the consumer may make contractual changes to power, cycle or rate, discarding the need of attendance from a specialized team . The customer can also consult the analysis of their consumption pattern or make simulations of time cycles, being possible to schedule automatic warnings according to parameters defined by themselves.


For Micro producers

In the integration with the micro production, the new equipment allows the checking of energy balances of the housing, being possible to the customer / Micro producer to identify, in a simple way, the periods in which he is a consumer or a producer.


For Retailers

The energy retailer will be able to offer its customers services and price plans permanently tailored to the various profiles and consumption needs, as well as access to integrated solutions of domotics to interact with several household appliances.

Smart Meter

Certified Energy Box

The Energy Box is certified according to the European standard EC Directive 2004/22/EC, referring to instruments of energy counting, attested to their degree of accuracy and reliability.

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