Prevent and Protect
Our commitments


The EDP commitment

The determination of corporate management in the EDP Group is to ensure constant reinforcement of the culture of occupational health and safety, the development of sensitivities, the deepening of desire, and the availability of the necessary resources to:

 Ensure a safe and healthy working environment for our staff, ensuring compliance with legislation;

 Promote the training on and informing staff of the risks inherent to their activities, making them aware of the need to comply with safety standards;

 Protect facilities and equipment in such a way as to guarantee adequate safety conditions;

 Eliminating or minimizing risks to persons that may arise from the normal development of activities;

 Promote the participation, communication, and involvement of employees and service providers in occupational health and safety matters.

Safety is an integral part of the quality of the services and products provided by EDP Group companies. No emergency situation or service can justify endangering a person’s life. This Occupational Health and Safety Policy applies to all EDP Group companies in each country.