Ensure business continuity
We want to ensure a robust network and service


The occurrence of a fault or disruption, of natural, human or technological origin, can significantly affect society. Without electricity, people's lives are profoundly altered and the functioning of industry and services, such as schools or hospitals, is compromised. 

It is our duty to be prepared to deal with these occurrences and to quickly re-establish the grid and electricity to communities.

In 2013, aware of our importance in an increasingly electrified society, we created the Business Continuity Area with the objective of overcoming the real challenges of predicting, responding and recovering from disruptive events and ensuring the consolidation of our preparation strategy, while maintaining an evolving attitude along with ongoing improvement.
Our Business Continuity Policy describes our commitment to managing crisis situations and reflects the principles that govern the operation of our organization: 

Establish levels of prevention and resilience to reduce the impact of disasters or other sources of disruption.

Protect employees, assets and business from the occurrence of disruption.

Support the re-establishment of priority activities and their support operations.

Resume normal business activities as early as possible.

Promote awareness of employees and external entities regarding the role to be played by everyone.

Ensure procedures are cyclically tested and updated.