Action in crisis
We act with experience and in safety


It is inevitable that any organization will experience some kind of crisis. Rather than questioning whether a crisis will occur, it is more important to be aware of the organization's readiness to deal with a complex, anomalous and unstable situation.

The most frequent disruptive events with significant impact on our activity are usually associated with natural causes - extreme winds - that cause simultaneous faults in the Medium Voltage aerial electrical grid. It is difficult to predict when these events will occur, but when they do occur, we have to respond with previously defined action plans. 


What happens in a crisis scenario?

In these scenarios, we must act in an effective and robust manner. That is why our answer has already been prepared. The Crisis and Business Continuity Management Plan, seeks to foresee response needs in emergency situations and ensure the re-establishment of our activity. 
The Plan incorporates the procedures, contingency and emergency plans, defines the actions to be carried out and the role that each one should play. Liaison officers are selected beforehand at national, regional and local levels to ensure close coordination and cooperation with the National Civil Protection Authority, its District Commands and with Municipal Civil Protection Services. 

In a disruptive situation, plans are activated, the company is mobilized and restructures itself to act consistently, rapidly and in a focused manner on restoring normality. These plans aim to guarantee an effective and efficient response in restoring and re-establishing the service, involving resources from the company and the business partners that operate in scenarios involving demands and adversity.