Be resilient
We are committed to preparing a capable response


Extreme events, such as fires or storms, can affect our distribution network and have an impact on the essential services we deliver to society.

In the face of a disruptive event, resilience is the ability that defines us. It is the trust of the community that moves us to adapt and transform adversity into strength and determination. To maintain operational continuity. To ensure the Security of the business, the assets and the brand.

To be resilient is to be and to go further when faced with events. It is the strategy we have outlined to remain prepared for the unexpected.


CEO of EDP Distribuição

João Torres

“The resilience of the Organization is reflected in the daily management of our activity. We pursue the established strategic, tactical and operational alignments which have been established, through the effective implementation of best practices, aiming to provide the availability of critical business services as quickly as possible after a disruption. Organizational resilience is a process of dynamic continuous learning and improvement which is developed step by step and over time.”

João Torres, CEO of EDP Distribuição, in “Risk and resilience”, a study of Business Continuity in Portugal by KPMG.

João Torres