Promote resilience
We carry out ongoing improvement and generate more knowledge

The programme of exercises is one of the core actions of the SGCN. The exercises and operational training are catalysts for learning and providing experience for our individuals and the main source of ongoing improvement of procedures and plans. Our commitment to this programme ensures an effective and developing Business Continuity advantage. 

The carrying out of periodic exercises and tests in the priority activities of our business allows us to highlight the strengths and the risks of our activity and the opportunities for improvement to undertake mitigation in simulated disruption scenarios.

Every year we perform exercises of various levels of complexity and participate in exercises developed by other entities. In buildings, we practice the procedures defined in the evacuation drills provided for by Self-Protection Measures, in the technological infrastructure we carry out Disaster Recovery tests, and Crisis Action Plans and Contingency Plans are tested in coordination and operational training exercises.


These exercises aim to:

  • Train the responsible individuals;

  • Provide those involved with the responsibilities set forth in the Plan;

  • Train the decision process; 

  • Train the linking of the structures involved, through interaction with teams, other Organizational Units or external entities.