Manage risk
We are aware of the risks of our activity


The National Distribution Grid (RND) is our biggest asset. We are committed to its ongoing improvement, to ensure the excellence of our services and the safety and security of individuals. This concern in the management of our assets is reflected in the Development and Investment Plan for the Distribution Grid (PDIRD-E). 

PDIRD-E is an investment plan that allows us to identify and quantify which resources are needed to ensure that our grids are capable of receiving and delivering electricity, both safely and with quality. At the same time, it should seek to increase network efficiency as well as best environmental practices.

The plan is defined for a period of five years and is reviewed every two years. 

In practice, PDIRD-E responds to five identified investment vectors:

  • Security of Supply;

  • Quality of Technical Service;

  • Grid Efficiency;

  • Operational Efficiency;

  • Access to New Services.

This plan is accompanied by a risk analysis which assesses the risks associated with not meeting the overall and individual objectives for each of the five investment vectors. The risk analysis takes into account the recommendations of the ISO 31000 standard, which defines the principles to be taken into account in risk management.