Social inclusion in Elvas with the support of EDP Distribuição

The mural was painted during August and debuted at the opening of the Festival A Salto - Artistic Outlet of the City of Elvas.

The Asunción, Ajuda, Salvador and St Ildefonso Parish Council (Elvas), in partnership with the Uncolectivo Association, asked EDP Elvas Distribution to authorize the launch of a social inclusion project that included painting the exterior of a neighborhood Transformation Post. from S. Pedro.

This action was constantly monitored by an EDP Distribuição technician who ensured the safeguarding of the safety conditions for the execution of the work, and had as its primary objective the involvement of the community in the enhancement and maintenance of public spaces in the Transformation Station surrounding area.

The artist José Carvalho, who signs Oze Arv, was invited by UMCOLETIVO - Associação Cultural and involved the Syllable Dynamic Association, which contributed to the mediation between the artist and the community of S. Pedro neighborhood.



Social Investment Plan

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