EDP distribution launches ' Hack the Electron ' and assigns 15000 euros in prizes

EDP Distribuição, in partnership with EDP Inovação, Microsoft and Taikai, launched this programming marathon that intends to stimulate the development of innovative solutions for Energy Box.

The ' Hack the Electron ' is intended for programmers, engineers, students and startups, as well as those who want to develop the future of energy systems. The winning projects will be recognised with prizes totalizing 15000 euros. This initiative aims to improve efficiency, reduce costs and increase the quality of life of millions of electricity consumers.

The so-called Hackathon consists of two competitions.

In the first, the participants will have access to a set of totally anonymous and discharacterized data from domestic customers, residing in the Lisbon, such as the contracted power, the type of tariff, the connection and the annual consumption, in order to think, develop and create prototypes of services that can generate value for the final consumer. Registrations are open until June 15th.

In the second competition, 20 teams will receive a smart meter so that they can develop innovative technical solutions based on the data that are available and accessible in these equipments. Applications may be submitted by May 29th.

Examples of the challenges will be revealed on the online platform on June 1 and projects can be validated by June 25th. The winning teams will be known on July 4th, in an event that will take place at the Electricity museum in Lisbon.

Energy transition and decarbonization necessarily pass through energy and this requires a strong focus on the modernization of the distribution network and the adoption of new technologies, such as Energy Box. With this type of initiatives, EDP Distribuição intends to stimulate the community to develop solutions for this ecosystem of the future.