What do we do?


A good cybersecurity plan should consider multi-layered mechanisms and controls, following the principles of defence in depth.


Eixos fundamentais


It goes from computer and grid protection to programmes and data that you wish to keep secure. We are aware of the progress and recommendations in place in this area and we have defined strategic cybersecurity objectives that serve as pillars for developing our modus operandi. People, processes and technologies must complement each other to ensure that organisations are able to defend themselves effectively from cyberattacks.


Users must comply with basic data protection principles, such as choosing strong passwords, being aware of what they receive by e-mail and backing up the most important information.


The implementation and carrying out of processes enables the consolidation and systematisation of the security strategy of any organisation, contributing to avoiding, detecting and responding to cyberattacks and ensuring the resilience of operations.


Technology is essential for ensuring the protection of organisations and people in a digital environment. Protecting computers and grids with appropriate hardware and software is one of the first barriers for protecting against unwanted attacks.