New challenges, the same priority


In a world in which people, companies and businesses connect in an increasingly digital manner, it is essential to ensure the security of information and infrastructures.

Cybersecurity is playing an increasingly important role in protecting sensitive information and technologies that represent the fundamental pillars of our business, in particular critical digital infrastructure supporting the operation of the electricity grid, which is crucial for the functioning of society.

In cyberspace, as in the physical world, prevention is an essential component in ensuring security. Educating the community about the importance of this matter so it becomes an obstacle to these threats, and carrying out studies to identify possible vulnerabilities are two relevant examples of how preventive action can be taken.

Cybersecurity aims to ensure the following information properties:

Non-discosure – ensuring that information is not disseminated inappropriately;

Integrity – Ensuring the prevention of unauthorised modification and/or destruction of information;

AvailabilityEnsuring the accessibility of information wherever and whenever necessary without any undue delay.