Why do we care?


It is our duty to offer people a reliable, innovative energy service.

Digitisation is increasingly present in different areas of activity and the energy distribution sector is no exception. In this regard, EDP Distribuição views digital transformation as an important part of its vision for the future.

We manage the grid in real time, boosting the optimisation of energy flows.

In 2007, we adopted smart grids through the InovGrid project, two-way grids that boost the use of all energy resources and the processing of Information on Energy Transit have made it possible to manage them in an optimised real time.

We guarantee a National Grid for maximum security distribution

Geared towards evolution, we've created the Connect Programme, a digital platform that allows you to integrate and manage grids and services. Designed to enable faster, more reliable and secure two-way communication, this platform relies on the use of IP (Internet Protocol) and the latest generation technologies and ensures the appropriate bandwidth and security conditions for the evolution of the technical systems that provide the advanced control and automation of the National Distribution Grid.