We make nature's energy our energy


Production is the first activity in the value chain of the energy sector. EDP is dedicated to the production of electricity from renewable energy sources, such as water, wind and sun, and of non-renewable origin, which comes essentially from coal, gas Natural, nuclear and cogeneration.

EDP is the largest producer of electricity in Portugal, the third Iberian producer and the fifth largest private operator in Brazil.

In parallel with the categorization of production by energy sources, it is also important to distinguish the production under the ordinary regime of production under special regime. In general terms, the production under ordinary regime is based on sources of thermal origin or large hydropower plants and the production in special regime is done through hydro, other sources of renewable energy or cogeneration.



The Producer Consumer

Did you know that any consumer can produce electricity for self-consumption?


Renewable Energy

The path to a cleaner energy

Renewable energies will play a key role in the future of the energy sector.