InovGrid Project


EDP Distribuição approach to the concept of the smart grids is done through InovGrid, aiming to provide the electrical network of information and equipment capable of automating the management of networks, improve the quality of service, decrease the operation costs, promoting energy efficiency and environmental sustainability, enhancing the penetration of renewable energies and the electric vehicle.

In its portfolio of systems, EDP Distribuição has a centralized solution of management and command of street lighting, called Smart-IP.
The Smart IP solution is characterized by allowing the monitoring, control and parameterization of street lighting, supported by Smart Metering equipment and in corporate telemetering equipment.

The smart meter specific for street lighting, which (in addition to its basic certified metering function) provides physical relays for the on/off command of street lighting.
Smart IP allows, on one hand, the configuration of the street lighting schedules to be applied to the lighting circuits associated with the profile of the user concerned and, on the other hand, allows the monitoring of the street lighting, receiving alarms of anomalies and providing specific reports and dashboards.

The following image shows the necessary steps to make the parameterization of street lighting circuits through the Smart IP solution. According to the Inovgrid architecture, the communication of Smart Meters for systems is always carried out through a concentrator, called the Distribution Transformer Controller-DTC (physical equipment installed at the processing station or, in its absence, centralized virtualization software).

EDP Distribuição intends to extend the scope of this platform to all the municipalities in which it is responsible for the implementation and maintenance of the street lighting command system, making available to the municipality, via an account area, functionalities and reports. 
The set of Smart IP functionalities that should be effectively made available to municipalities are in the definition phase.

A EDP Distribuição pretende alargar o âmbito desta plataforma a todos os concelhos nos quais seja responsável pela implementação e manutenção do sistema de comando da iluminação pública, disponibilizando ao município, via portal dedicado, as funcionalidades e relatórios com este acordados. 

Encontram-se em fase de definição qual o conjunto de funcionalidades da Smart-IP que deverão ser efetivamente disponibilizadas aos municípios.