Smart Grids
The future of energy distribution in Portugal


The smart grid makes Portugal a more efficient and sustainable country, by optimizing energy systems, reducing CO2 emissions and lower utilization of fossil resources.

The smart grid has numerous sensors installed along its extension. This allows you to instantly control the state of the entire network, balance loads, and prevent breakdowns before they happen.

The electrical grid reacts immediately to the actions of consumers and producers when they, for example, inject energy into the grid or request a power increase. Thanks to this intelligent self-control it is possible, in case of malfunction, to configure the network expediently, redirecting the power flows and ensuring the supply of electric power without interruptions.

More innovative

Technological renewal
Automation of network management
Greater reliability and quality of supply

More dynamic

Direct relationship between the micro producer and the distributor
Closest relationship between client and retailers
Micro production generalization

More efficient

Reduction of operation costs
Better management of the network
Greater control over sources of energy production

More sustainable

Bet on renewable energy, environmental protection and reduction of CO2 emissions
Energy efficiency promotion and environmental sustainability

The smart grids also carry improvements in the service provided quality, where transparency, speed and comfort are key words:

  • Monthly invoicing, based on actual meter readings;
  • Contractual changes (contracted power change, contract term, cycle change) performed remotely;
  • Custom communication through messages received on the smart meter in the consumer's home;
  • Efficient monitoring via web-graphical analysis of consumption, simulation and consultation of the time cycle contracted to select the best period to consume, adaptation of the contracted power to real consumption;
  • Association of smart meters to local devices (PC's, PDA, displays) through a network of HAN (Home Area Network) to query consumption data;
  • Configuration of automatic warnings (letter, email, SMS, local devices) for greater consumption rationalization.