Projeto InovGrid


Our survival on the planet depends on changing/adapting our living standards for greater sustainability and lower resource consumption. We need a new world, where the cleanest energies are managed in an intelligent way. The need for new power generation models and greater reliability and quality of supply is changing the way customers interact with electrical networks. And efficiency benefits everyone.

To respond to this new era of energy, EDP Distribuição launched InovGrid, an innovative project that endowed the electrical network of information and intelligent equipment capable of automating the management of energy, thus improving the quality of the service-decrease the Costs and energy efficiency and environmental sustainability grow.

The Inovgrid project was born as a business initiative in the 2010 distribution program. In the initial phase, it was structured as a research and development project (I&D), under the National Strategic Reference Framework (QREN), and EDP Distribuição formed a consortium with several partners to make its development. The implementation of the base solution advanced in phases: pre-installation in 2009/2010 in several points of the country for technological and process validations, followed by massive installation in Évora in 2010/2011.

Évora, the World Heritage City of Mankind, was the first Portuguese city to receive a smart grid - Évora Inovcity. The objectives of the intervention in Évora, which covers all the consumers of the county, are to assess the impact of InovGrid, regarding consumer benefits and operations on the network; gain experience for future roll-out and give national and international visibility to the project.

The extended scope, the level of integration and the care in the evaluation of the results made Inovgrid receive an international recognition: the project was selected between 220 projects of smart grids by Joint Research Centre of the European Commission (JRC) and Eurelectric as the single case study for the testing and validation of the Business Case Assessment Methodology (EPRI).

InovGrid is the future of energy distribution in Portugal: a future energetically more intelligent, more efficient, more competitive and more responsible.

We are focusing our attention on you, offering new value-added services and the opportunity to interact with our grid.

With the liberalization of the growing electricity market, there are more and more patents on the benefits that can come from it: in the form of more flexible rates, new products and services tailored to the consumer.

With InovGrid, the customer can access detailed consumption, approaching the supply of energy demand. In addition to this, it guarantees greater security in the supply, further diversifying the renewable sources and increasing the integration capacity of the distributed generation in the system - a more effective and easier to control micro production. Finally, the operation and renewal of the network is easier, as reliability and efficiency increase with its automation and remote control.