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We rent space in low voltage poles to telecommunication Operators licensed by the National Communications Authority (ANACOM), complying with Decree-Law No 123/2009.


Use of grid

Learn how you can use low-voltage electricity distribution grid infrastructure.

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1. Who can have access to the low-voltage electricity distribution grid infrastructure?

Any company active in the electronic communications sector, authorised by the National Communications Authority - ANACOM.

2. Which grids are considered suitable for accommodating electronic communications networks?

All Low Voltage overhead systems except those established on bare cables.


3. Can all Low Voltage distribution grid poles be used to accommodate telecommunications networks?

Not always. The capacity of each pole is always dependent on the prior and specific evaluation of the network concerned. The grid may be modified at the expense of the company which intends to use it. This work is contracted to companies duly accredited by EDP Distribuição.

4. What will be the cost of using Low Voltage supports?

In addition to the cost for annual use, the cost of the service for analysing the feasibility of each application must be borne. Telecommunication operators should also bear the cost of the post-installation final inspection by certification companies qualified by EDP Distribuição for this purpose.

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