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The medium voltage connection shall be established for power grids with a voltage level of 6, 10 kV, 15 kV or 30 kV, depending on their geographical location.

Connection to Medium Voltage Grid
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1. Submit your request for grid connection conditions

You may contact your customer manager or send a request for medium voltage connection conditions to, together with the additional information requested on the form.

2. Have you already received a reply to your request for grid connection conditions? You can now move on to the connection request, to get a quote for the initial cost of the work.

After receiving a reply to the request for grid connection conditions by letter or e-mail, you may submit the request for a connection to your customer manager or by e-mail  EDP Distribuição shall send you information with the initial cost associated with the connection 15 working days after you have submitted your request.  

If you accept the amount of the initial cost and make the payment, the proof of which must be submitted to your customer manager or sent to, you will receive information on the following:

●     the quote for the project;    
●     expiration date of connection conditions and payment due dates;
●     deadlines and technical options;
●     information about the dimensions and technical characteristics of the connection;
●     cost for shared use connection infrastructure.

3. Start the construction of connecting infrastructure

Upon acceptance of the conditions for connection and payment of the cost described in the quote, the connection to the grid shall be carried out by EDP Distribuição or by your company, according to the option you have chosen.

4. Work completed? What else do I need to do to start the electricity supply?

The power supply shall start after:

•    grid connection implementation;
•    settlement of grid connection cost;
•    delivery of the work for which the applicant is responsible, where applicable;
•    installation of metering equipment;
•    authorisation from the land owners crossed by the power line;
•    transfer to EDP Distribuição of the plot of land where the switching station is located, where applicable;
•    licensing, surveying and authorisation of the coming onstream by the Directorate-General for Energy and Geology (DGEG) of:
            o the premise of the applicant;
            o the grid connection infrastructure.
•    the signing of an operating protocol;
•    inspection of the interconnection protections, if any;
•    electricity supply contracted with a supplier.

Connection conditions

Download the form for medium voltage grid connection conditions

The first step to connect your premise to the medium voltage grid is to send the form to or through your customer manager.

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Electricity quality

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