Planned Power Cuts
See Planned Power Cuts


Maintaining the continuity and quality of electricity supply is the priority of EDP Distribuição.

To do this, we work on the distribution network, and we need to interrupt the power supply to customers.

These planned power cuts are inevitable to ensure proper exploitation of the network and are provided for in the legislation, in particular in the trade relations regulation and in the quality of service regulation.


Planned power cuts result from the essential need to perform manoeuvres, connection work, repair or conservation of network infrastructures, whenever all possibilities of alternative feeding are exhausted from existing installations. These interruptions also serve to correct situations that may generate insecurity of the electrical network and/or prevention of breakdowns.

All works comply with rigorous planning and careful scheduling management, with the aim of causing the least inconvenience. They are carried out in the shortest time, often with the use of generators whose connections and disconnections generate short-term interruptions-three or four minutes - which can be repeated for the time period advertised in the published notices. The affected arteries are also identified in each locality. 

As a result of this effort, according to the latest report by CEER-Council of European Energy Regulators - EDP Distribuição is classified as a European reference company for carrying out scheduled work with a low impact on the level of power cuts. 

For safety reasons, electrical installations should be permanently considered in tension during the intervention period.

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