To submit a network connection to EDP Distribuição you should choose the voltage level (low, medium or high voltage) that is most suitable for the power supply you need. Once you request the connection, through the usual channels, you will receive a budget for your consideration.

It is always advisable to consult a technician duly qualified to make the connection. The power to be requested must conform to the applicable legislation.

After accepting the budget, a contract will be established between you (the consumer) and EDP Distribuição, as the operator of the electrical grid. This link comes to an end when the connection to the network is fulfilled and after the payment of the associated costs.

Ligar posto de carregamento

Ligar um posto de carregamento de veículos elétricos à rede elétrica

Descubra o que fazer caso queira ligar um posto de carregamento à rede elétrica.

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