Independence, transparency and confidentiality

As a Distribution Network Operator, EDP Distribuição must carry out its role ensuring compliance with the following principles

- Non-discrimination

- Transparency

- Confidentiality of Information

- Management Autonomy

- Image and Communication Separation

To this end, it shall draw up a Compliance Program that considers the measures taken to comply with these principles and to verify compliance with them.

For the preparation, monitoring of its execution and verification of compliance with the Compliance Program, it must designate a Compliance Officer.

Program of


In compliance with legal and regulatory obligations, a Compliance Program was prepared and submitted to the approval of the Energy Services Regulatory Agency (ERSE).

The EDP Distribuição Code of Conduct is an integral part of the Compliance Program.

The characterization of Commercially Sensitive Information as well as the procedures to be used to assist Users of the Distribution Network are included in the Code of Conduct.

Compliance Program (pending ERSE approval)

Commission of


The entity designated by EDP Distribuição to act as the Compliance Officer is the Compliance Committee.

This Commission is totally independent of EDP Distribuição and has access to all the necessary information of the company and any related companies for the fulfillment of its functions.

The Compliance Committee shall consist of the following elements:

Carlos Alberto Silva de Almeida e Loureiro (President)

Jorge Velosa

Manuel Antunes Rodrigues da Costa

Annually, by March 31, the Compliance Officer shall prepare and submit to ERSE an annual report describing the measures approved and implemented to comply with the Compliance Program. The report should also highlight the degree of compliance of EDP Distribuição. The year 2013 corresponded to the first year of full application of the new framework, established by Decree-Law no. 215-A / 2012, of October 8 and by the Commercial Relations Regulation published on November 12, 2012, after interaction between EDP ​​Distribuição and ERSE to clarify a number of issues in this area. The report for 2013 was the first report issued by the Compliance Officer and refers to the last quarter of that year, especially dedicated to the appointment and installation of the Compliance Officer and the preparation of the Compliance Program.