Independence, transparency and confidentiality

EDP Distribuição shall perform its duties by ensuring compliance with the principles of non-discrimination, transparency, confidentiality of information, management autonomy and the separation of image and communication.

With this in mind, the company has drawn up a Compliance Programme which includes measures taken to comply with these principles and to verify compliance with them. The Programme shall await validation by ERSE.

EDP Distribuição's code of conduct forms an integral part of the Compliance Programme, as well as the characterisation of commercially sensitive information and the procedures to be followed to provide service to distribution grid users.

The Compliance Committee shall be responsible for drawing up, monitoring its implementation and verifying compliance with the Compliance Programme. This Committee is wholly independent from EDP Distribuição and it has access to all the necessary information from the company and any related companies for the fulfilment of its duties.

By 31 March each year, the Compliance Committee shall draw up and send to ERSE an annual report outlining the measures adopted and implemented to fulfil the Compliance Programme. The report should also highlight the degree of compliance of EDP Distribuição.

Relatórios de conformidade
May 2019
Relatório de Conformidade 2018
Feb 2017
Relatório de Conformidade 2017
Feb 2016
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Compliance Committee
Compliance Committee