Contingency Plan

EDP Distribuição's response to the Pandemic (Covid 19)

Network Connection Request

Make your network connection request convenient and practical.

Meter Readings

Submit your meter reading on a monthly base. Learn here how to read your meter.

Consumption Data

Check the data on energy production and consumption in Portugal updated daily.

Street Light Fault

Did you notice a dimmed street light? A street without light? Help us to be more efficient.

Illegal schemes

Your security starts here. The illicit use of electric power is illegal and harms everyone, starting with you.

Planned Power Cuts

In order to guarantee a reliable electricity service, sometimes, we may need to switch off your power while we work on our assets nearby.

Tree near power line

Did you find a tree near a power line? Please let us know if there’s a risk that you’re aware of.

a energia que chega mesmo em tempos difíceis


more digital, less physical

Use our digital channels through the website and APP EDP Distribuição.
Reduce the risk of exposure and contagion. Prefer non-presential alternative means.



Meter Readings

As a preventive measure and to control the spread of the COVID-19 virus, since March 16th EDP Distribuição will ensure only the reading of equipment outside the homes.
These are exceptional measures, which aim to ensure the safety of all. During this period, it is recommended that only the most urgent requests are reported, namely breakdowns or risk situations.

EDP Distribuição, as the Grid Operator providing a public service, will continue to guarantee the supply of energy to all citizens.

EDP Distribuição APP

Download the EDP Distribuição app so you can submit your meter readings, report power cuts or street light faults, as well as report any dangerous power problem detected in the street or find a store near you.

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